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D’Gari® is a leading company in Mexico in the category of powdered gelatins and custards with more than 65 years of experience. We are dedicated to produce foods of the highest quality, being chosen by Mexican and American families for their tradition and taste. We have an important participation in the Hispanic market in the United States.

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Love in dessert form

American and Mexican families have chosen us as one of their favorite brands in their homes. Be part of our D’Gari family and learn all about our history and experience over the years

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Our History
The most Delicious and fun gelatin creations.

D’Gari® is a company with more than 65 years dedicated to produce high quality desserts (snacks). We have a wide variety of delicious products that are part of the tradition and taste of Hispanic and Mexican families.

A family of hugs, kisses, smiles, and winks.

We are the leading brand of gelatin desserts category in Mexico. We also have an important share of market amoung Hispanics in the US.

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Our Products

Love is the secret ingredient in each one of our products. Discover the huge variety of products specially designed for you.

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Always innovating, D'Gari 👍

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D'Gari, the best of the best. 🤤
Many years using this product and satisfying many families.

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Very tasty and with good consistency, the best of the best. 💎

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